Reply Boy:
1000𝕏 Your Twitter Views

The best way to get more 𝕏 impressions is by replying to popular tweets.

It was hard to come up with cool tweets, right? Not anymore...

Reply Boy is a Chrome Extension designed to grow your Twitter account.

🔒 Safe extension. No user data tracked.

1) Define a type of reply

❓ Question
❗️ Affirmation

2) Choose a mood

😍 Romantic
😃 Funny
🤓 Clever
😎 Ironic
🤯 Philosophical
🫣 Controversial
🤬 Hater

Reply Boy is secure and privacy-first

- We don't track your data.
- We don't log your messages.
- We don't break Twitter rules.
- We don't need 𝕏 password.

Try it out for free. No setup needed.

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